Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not 4 U....

As I lie in the dark and think about you,
I can not get the memories out of my mind.
I can not get the answers I want to find.
I did not want to have another relationship,
To have another broken heart,
To lose the one I love.
You promised you would be by my side,
But each time I look,
you are not,
so it was a lie.
Everyone tells me to let go of you,
But you keep coming back,
And that makes me think there is a chance.
That makes me think you love me,
Just like I wanted you to.
But I realize
I am just your little secret,
That is all it seems to me.
You are hurting me inside,
Why can't you see?
Every time you need my loving
you come by my side.
For some reason
I can't run and I can't hide.
But one day
I am going to wake up and realize.
Why can't you see that you are just hurting me?
But as I sit here and cry,
My heart finally tells me...
It's time to tell you, so long, and good
Aku jumpa poems ni dlm tagged kawanku...terasa nak kongsi bersama...

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