Saturday, January 10, 2009

Satu ketika dulu......

Kad yang tertulis bait2 kata ini aku terima sekitar tahun 1994.....fuh! sudah 15 tahun berlalu sekejap jer kan. Selagi kata2 pada kad itu masih tersimpan rapi....selagi itulah aku mungkin akan terus bertahan di sisi.....kenangan manis memang indah dikenang buat pengubat di kala duka...

There is so much about you to love
I love you for being a
wonderful person with so much fun to share....
I love you for being a special friend
who shares such warmth and care....
I love you for your strength
for knowing what you want out of life
and working towards it.
I love you for your ability
to find solutions
when all I can see is the problem,
to show me somethings
aren't worth worrying about.
I love you for being everything
that means the most to me....

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